How to use

In January 2024, after ten years of running the old version of the tool, we launched the redesigned Phraseit. This article provides a few examples and cases on how you can use the tool.

Create a comic by adding more images

The video bellow shows how you can create a comic by adding more images. In this specific video, we combine uploading an image from a computer and a using a stock image

Create politics comic using multiple stock images

We’ve noticed that many of our visitors are using to create funny political memes, so here’s a short video giving you an idea of how you can create one.

Generate AI images and add a bubble

PRO Feature – Custom bubbles along with AI-generated images

Recently, we introduced a PRO level of user type. These users can generate up to 10 AI images per month and use them along with the custom-made bubbles and hundreds of font styles.

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