Add Speech Bubble to Photos Online With PhraseIt

PhraseIt is a free online image editor which lets you add speech bubbles to  photos with only a couple of clicks. It’s super easy to use and you will have great looking results within seconds! Below we will show you how to get started with PhraseIt.

How to Add Speech Bubbles to Photos Online?

Adding speech and thought bubbles to your photos is super easy with PhraseIt. Our application was designed as a free app and you don’t even need to register to get started.

As a first step you choose whether you want to upload a photo or if you want to work on a random photo from our stock. You can then use our online image editor to drag and drop different speech bubble cliparts on the photo as shown below.

Add Speech Bubble On Photo With PhraseIt

Write some text into the bubbles and you are done. It’s that simple!

As a little extra, you can apply different filters which will add a cool and nice looking vintage style to your picture.

Common questions around PhraseIt

Can I also create comic strips?

Yes, you can arrange multiple photos to one single cartoon strip. This feature turns into a full-fledged comic strip generator.

What happens after I put speech bubbles on my photos?

After adding your speech bubbles to the photo you can choose to save your work. will then provide a unique page for your picture which can be accessed by any web browser. On this page you will find functions for sharing the image with your friends on the most common social networks. You can also download the rendered picture in high-resolution to your local hard drive. If you need more picture ideas you can click on

Do i need to register?

No, there is no registration required.

What does it cost?

The answer is simple: Nothing! is completely free of charge.

Can I add speech bubbles to facebook images?

Yes, offers a full facebook integration. This means you can import your photos and then post them back to facebook. Click here to visit our facebook app.

There you can click on “Load photo from facebook” and give access rights to our application when asked. You will then see all your facebook images on a single page. Click on the image you want to edit and start putting speech bubbles on it. Once you saved your image, you will see an option called “Post to facebook”. Use this function if you want to publish the image directly on your facebook timeline.

Can I also add speech bubbles to photos with my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, offers an optimized version for mobile devices. Whether you are using an iPhone or and iPad, gives you the same great looking results. The best part is you can directly take a photo with your device camera and add speech bubbles to it instantly. For doing this, choose the option “Upload an image from your device” and then “Take a photo with your camera”.

I just discovered a photo pusblished on PhraseIt which i don’t like. What can i do?

Unfortunately, we are technically not able to review every single image uploaded to this website. However, we take any concern you might have very seriously. That’s why we placed an “alert” button next to each image hosted on our website. You can use the alert function to report a picture if you disagree with its content. We will then review your request and eventually delete this image from our server. As an alternative, you can submit a notification at [email protected].

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