Create Your Own Comic Strip Online With PhraseIt

Everybody loves comics. Period. But you know what’s even more funny than reading cartoon comic strips? Creating your own comic strips online! This is why we built PhraseIt, a comic strip maker which makes it super easy to add speech bubbles to photos. PhraseIt is an online comic speech bubble generator that is easy to use and completely free of costs – not even signing up for an account is necessary. Upload your photos, make your own cartoons, share with your friends! It’s that simple!

How to Use Our Comic Speech Bubble Generator ?

The principle of PhraseIt is very easy:

  1. Upload your photos
  2. Arrange them as you like
  3. Add speech bubbles
  4. Add additional Photo Effects
  5. Rinse and repeat …

Your photos will turn into great looking comic strips instantly! As mentioned above, PhraseIt is a free comic strip maker and no sign-up is needed, just click “Create New Image” in the top right corner of this page to get get started.

Does PhraseIt allow Creating Comic Strips with my iPhone, iPad or Android mobile phone?

Yes! Our speech bubble maker works great on most mobile devices. You can choose to upload a photo from your device or directly snap a photo with your device camera. You can add multiple photos and combine then to create your comic online.

What Happens After Creating my Cartoon Strip Online?

PhraseIt offers easy to use tools to share your photo comic strip with your friends on all popular social networks. Please note that we fully respect your privacy and that you can also choose to not share your cartoon strips with anyone. It’s up to you, you decide who can see your online comic strip.

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