Things to Do If You’re in Kelowna, BC for a Day

Kelowna, nestled in the picturesque Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, is a city that beautifully encapsulates the spirit of Canada’s western landscape. 

Whether you’re a fan of outdoor activities, a lover of the arts, or just someone looking to relax and take in the natural beauty, Kelowna has something for everyone—even if you’re just there for a day. 

Starting Your Day Right: Dive into the Coffee Culture of Kelowna, BC

In Kelowna, the day starts not just with the rising sun but with the aromatic allure of fresh coffee wafting through the streets. 

The city’s coffee scene is an embodiment of its vibrant community, providing residents and visitors with a multitude of choices. 

Each cafe carries its distinct character, a reflection of the culture and the passionate people behind the counters. 

Bean Scene Coffee Works: The Artistic Haven

Positioned as a cornerstone in Kelowna’s coffee landscape, Bean Scene Coffee Works offers more than just a coffee fix—it’s an experience.

  • Ambiance: The moment you step inside, you’re welcomed by a cozy ambiance, art-adorned walls, and soft tunes. It’s a space that invites creatives, thinkers, and casual chatters alike. Whether you’re jotting down ideas in your journal or sharing stories with friends, the vibe here feels just right.
  • Specialty: What stands out at Bean Scene is their dedication to the craft. Their hand-crafted lattes and cappuccinos, made with precision and love, are fan favorites. And to accompany your beverage, their pastries—fresh from the oven—are a must. Their almond croissants, in particular, have garnered a dedicated following.

Third Space Coffee: Community at Its Core

Bridging the gap between home and work is Third Space Coffee, a hub where community thrives and coffee is celebrated.

  • Ambiance: Modern design meets comfort in this spacious cafe. With ample seating, both indoors and out, it’s a hub for collaboration and community events. Don’t be surprised to find workshops, book clubs, or even poetry readings happening on any given day.
  • Specialty: Third Space is not just about the space; it’s about the brew too. Their pour-over coffee is a meticulous process that results in a clean and flavorful cup. For those hot Kelowna days, their nitro cold brew, with its creamy texture and strong caffeine kick, is the perfect refresher. And if you’re feeling peckish, their healthy breakfast options, ranging from acai bowls to artisan sandwiches, will satiate your morning hunger.

Canoe Coffee Roasters: Rustic Charm with a Modern Twist

In the heart of Kelowna lies Canoe Coffee Roasters, a testament to the city’s evolving coffee narrative, where tradition meets innovation.

  • Ambiance: Blending the rustic with the contemporary, Canoe offers a warm, wood-infused environment. Its open spaces, communal tables, and friendly staff make it a welcoming spot for all—be it solo visitors lost in a book or groups engaged in animated discussions.
  • Specialty: Coffee at Canoe is a journey. Their beans, ethically sourced and roasted on-site, are transformed into rich espressos and smooth flat whites. Their attention to detail ensures every cup is consistent and flavorful. 

A fan-favorite that complements their brews is the avocado toast—creamy, seasoned to perfection, and presented on a crusty slice of artisan bread. It’s simple yet utterly delicious.

Embracing the Outdoors: The Alluring Beauty of Kelowna

Situated in the lap of nature, Kelowna’s breathtaking landscapes beckon travelers to immerse themselves in its pristine beauty. 

The region’s vast mountains, clear waters, and verdant terrains offer a sanctuary for those wishing to take a break from the hustle and reconnect with nature.

Knox Mountain Park: The Elevated Experience

For those who love to combine exercise with awe-inspiring views, Knox Mountain Park is a must-visit.

  • Hiking Trails: Traverse through the park’s myriad trails, each offering a unique perspective of Kelowna’s landscape. From beginner-friendly paths to challenging terrains, there’s something for every adventurer.
  • Activities: Beyond its hiking allure, Knox Mountain serves as a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts. The park’s rich biodiversity also makes it a hotspot for birdwatchers, with many indigenous species calling it home.

Okanagan Lake: The Jewel of Kelowna

Glistening under the sun, Okanagan Lake is a sight to behold and an experience to dive into.

  • Water Activities: Take to the waters with a plethora of activities. Rent a kayak or paddleboard, exploring the lake’s vastness at your own pace. For those wanting a simpler joy, the lake’s gentle waves beckon for a refreshing swim.
  • Scenic Beauty: The lake’s periphery is just as enchanting. Meander along the boardwalk, enjoying the rhythmic sounds of the waters, with the sunset painting a picturesque backdrop.

Culinary Adventures: Taste Kelowna’s Rich Flavors

Having ignited your senses with morning caffeine and nature’s splendors, it’s time to tantalize your taste buds. 

Kelowna’s culinary sphere resonates with diversity, presenting a mélange of flavors that cater to both gourmet aficionados and comfort food lovers.

Waterfront Wines: A Gastronomic Delight

Dive into a culinary journey that marries local produce with international techniques.

  • Menu: Every dish at Waterfront Wines tells a story. Using locally-sourced ingredients, the menu exudes freshness, complemented perfectly by an expansive wine list that showcases the region’s best.
  • Ambiance: The ambiance strikes a balance between sophistication and warmth, making it an ideal spot for both romantic dinners and celebratory occasions.

The Jammery: A Breakfast Bonanza

Start your day or indulge in a mid-day brunch at this iconic Kelowna eatery.

  • Menu: Known for their hearty breakfast offerings, The Jammery’s pancakes, waffles, and signature jams are the talk of the town. Each bite is a comforting embrace of flavors.
  • Ambiance: With a vibrant yet relaxed setting, the restaurant’s interiors, adorned with jars of jams and preserves, add a quirky touch, amplifying the overall dining experience.

Nightfall Revelries: Kelowna’s Cultural Tapestry

As dusk descends, Kelowna transforms, revealing its rich cultural heritage and entertaining avenues. 

Dive deep into the city’s artsy side or sip on some of the finest wines—nighttime in Kelowna is an experience unto itself.

Rotary Centre for the Arts: The Cultural Epicenter

Step into a world of creativity and passion.

  • Performances: The center is a buzzing hub, hosting an array of live performances. From foot-tapping music gigs to thought-provoking theater, there’s always something to captivate the audience.
  • Art Exhibits: Wander through the halls adorned with artworks, as local artists showcase their creations, from contemporary pieces to traditional masterpieces.

Wine Tasting Tours: Sip the Essence of Kelowna

The fertile soils of the Okanagan Valley give birth to some of the finest wines, and Kelowna proudly showcases this legacy.

  • Tours: Embark on a guided journey through vine-laden terrains, as experts elucidate the intricate wine-making process, from grape picking to fermentation.
  • Tasting: Experience the valley’s terroir as you sample a curated selection of wines. The crisp whites, with their floral notes, and the robust reds, with their earthy undertones, provide a sensory delight.


A day in Kelowna, BC, is undeniably short to grasp the city’s full essence, but even in these 24 hours, the city promises a mix of natural beauty, cultural richness, and gourmet delights. 

Whether it’s the tranquility of the lakes, the aroma from the coffee shops, or the taste of locally produced wines, Kelowna ensures your day is well-spent and memorable. As you leave, it won’t be surprising if you’re already planning your next, longer visit.

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