Mom Dad why dont we move to a new habitat in African forest?... |
Mom Dad why dont we move to a new habitat in African forest?

Why not Tim tim. Its a good idea.

Ok then lets put an advertisement on Animal social media.

“Habitat for Sale A wide, open space with a lot of grass. This hot, dry home is perfect for animals to roam. Don’t worry, there aren’t any lion or tigers”

wow now soon we will move to a new habitat and i will have new friends

Hello Timtim and family.I am Bombie. I am intrested in your habitat. It looks amazing and it is very green.

wow there is lots of grass to eat and i will make lots of new friends here.

Hello elephant family I am Gizelle the Giraffe. I saw your add and quite loved the description you gave.

Dad can we shift here soon? i loved it in here and want to make new friends here. It will be fun.

Yes sure dear. lets discuss it with elephant and family

omg! This habitat is so big and much more green. There are lots of new kinds of friends to make mom. I will learn new things here.

Finally Timtim we moved to your favourite habitat in the forest of Africa.

I hope our old Indian habitat is loved by Giraffe and Dear Family.They both are sharing it and hope they live happily ever after.

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