My name is Laura, I was born the 30/October/99 in the city Bogota . I'm 20 years Old Every year in my school the family day is celebrated, I remember that day I was in the company of my teacher I was very happy,I remember the day our house was delivered OMG! HELLO! WOW! Oops! When i met San Andrés MISS 15 IT WAS A GREAT DAY ATTENDED MANY PEOPLE THE FANTASTIC PASS
How dare you
Oh shit. wtf. Are they booing ME ? ...again? They got corndogs !?
Mr Johnson, why do you always wear your tie like that? Well, er, you are a rather attractive lady, Sophie
Who took my bloody crayon!
Cheers Ott!
Can I have a crayon please Miss....
altro che superman,io vigilo l'ambiente
It's a countdown timer. When it reaches zero in 6 days time, it means you are buggered Mr Johnson still don't understand it
Well thanks Dom, you ugly, baldy freak, you've really fucked it up for me!
I'm not very good with a spade Jacob, so could you dig a ditch for me please?
lebih dekat lagi goblog ampun pak saya takut hati hati jangan sampai kegores
This is so embarrassing... Hehe... This is nice. I haven't seen you guys in so long, how've ya been? t'è partito er cervello?... ancora nun hai capito che voi della Roma nun contate un c..zo?...
Ne demek, tabii ki de ögütme için benim kazanimi kullanabilirsin. Seninkine ne oldu bu arada? Sattim. Bütün parami Manos esyalari yapmak için malzemeye yatirdim! Acaba... Sarimsak da dövebilir miyim senin kazanda?
Fucking Supreme Court! Don't worry dear, it'll be alright.
OK! I Don't Want To Do It! Blahhhhh! Stop It Please!
Boris Delete them FFS!
The ves como una merienda Igualmente!
hi! my name is spider-man! I am American, I live in New York and I am everyone's friend. My super powers are the characteristics of spiders:I have a super ecrilibrium, a lot of strength and shooting spider webs! 🕷🕸 MY ENEMY IS DE GREEN GLOBLIN!
cheers ott!
cheers ott!
cheers ott!
cheers ott!
cheers ott
He isn't doing The Dance is he bruv? It would appear so bruv
cheers ott!
cheers ott!
cheers ott!
Cheers Ott!
We will energise and give oomph with no piffle or wiff waff hooray I say bravo to piccaninnies..... Sorry Angela, I haven't a fucking clue either!
I was born on August 25, 1991 I used to spend time with my grandparents on vacation in Girardot, but a few years ago they died. I used to live with my cousins, their names are Edwin and Jorge. Currently they have their families and I usually visit them. I used to teach Zumba in my gym, but I had to close it and go back to work in a Company. I used to prefer having dogs as a pet. But one year ago, I met love in my live, when I adopt two little cats their names are Chimichanga and Coco. I used to be friend of Julian seven years ago, but four years ago he is my boyfriend.
Have you found the secret that I have lost? Yes, you and the land are one. I thought I asked for James Patterson.
Ma so du cervi so
je suis vraiment contre le crime!!
is a free-thinking person
Hana open your eyes. She look soo cute when where here!