come on ... i paid $1000 for this haircut ...
dear god please give me some fish nuggets
really no idea what he is talking about ... whatever ... hmmm... cake ...
wee this is fun i need some jake paul murch get in here tibles
yawn is it bed time yet yawnnnnnnnnnnnn
meat bark bark (im just loving the ride) get your head in the windo piccles
whatever ... just keep smiling ...
Ciao a tutti!
Dear God,
¡¡Que a gusto se esta en la playa de vacaciones!!
The hipster beard is not in fashion anymore ?!?!
Come on boys, it's all free!
你好!你吃了吗? 我还没。我很饿。。
Me nan's going to be so proud - I'm going into the jungle!
Erick, c'est peut- être toi?
Al fin en paz... ¿Donde estoy? ¡Sonríe! Que pesado... ¡El sombrero! ¿Por que me he puesto esto? ¡patata! Mira tócalo... Me duelen los pies... Vamos, que me molesta el sol.
Mr. President, you'll have a new TAX REFORM BILL on your desk by the END OF THE YEAR! Good! By then, I'll be signing it...
Буду 100 идей на аэродроме проводить
I'm working in New York How cool! She is studying English.
mira que bonic si es preciós
My thumb hurts
y love pink
ha toda velocidad¡¡¡¡'
Cine-i acolo ? Grrrr Tu atat de mica,cum de strigi asa de tare ?! se mania el ... E sunt,broasca testoasa Si cu laba,o strivi dintr-o lovitra .....
como se le ocurre robarme las espinacas ¡aaaaaahhh! se va enterar
I`m hungry I'm sleepy I gotta poop!!!!!
patinar es volar, persigue tus sueños.
porfi llevame al cine!!!!
החלב האחרון שאלכת היה של פרה מההההההההה
Ne Paradoxlar sevdim!zaten yoktular
un peu de trampoline c'est bon pour la digestion!!! Youpi Noham on peu de reposer un peu...
Buon lavoro a tutti!
me llamo emma ross y esta es mi familia.
Try not to stare at her boobs. Just keep sitting here looking gross
OMG Abi I think I've just seen Charlotte Dujardin!
Hi I'm Cheryl tweedy-Fernandez-Versini-cole. and I will be watching late nite lee tonight at 9pm.