come on ... i paid $1000 for this haircut ...
really no idea what he is talking about ... whatever ... hmmm... cake ...
whatever ... just keep smiling ...
im so coool
Ciao a tutti!
Ich spreche laut und deutlich
good lunch humm… This good This view Is beautiful Big Ban I love Oxford Im gonna student here Where Is Louis ? Where Is Endy ?
i must pupsen
Who ate my Sandwich!?
Can I have some milk please?!
My thumb hurts
wat is dit??
The hipster beard is not in fashion anymore ?!?!
Guys, look at the dancing cherry blossom petals. I really love the smell of cherry blossoms.
J'aime regarder des blogs vidéo français comme cyprien J'aime voir les nouvelles de la France J'aime écouter de la musique française (même si je ne la comprends pas toujours) Je l'aime le 14 juillet, je je leur culture est quelque chose que j'ai encore beaucoup à apprendre alvaro montoya
i love barsa.
hola guapo
Hey Folks! We are hosting an event! Tell us what It's about, Field! Hey folks! This event is a club only event! Everyone is to make their own creative outfit containing a maximum of 3 colors if needed. try to keep your colors to one or 2! we are doing fun events and trail rides, and meeting those who would like to chat with us! The goal is for everyone to have a different crazy color! This makes you think outside the box, and show your styles! Horse: Fjord or North Swedish! (If you don't have those, any other is okay! Outfit: Your own crazy outfit! Date and time: Saturday, Feb 9th at 7:30 EST! Where? Steves farm!
I just farted and now I am alone....
How many times do I have to tell you, Buhdeuce? My butt is not meant for target practice! Sorry, SwaySway. It was just an accident. Hmph... Those 2 stupid green anthropomorphic booty shaking talking mallard ducks nothing but foolish idiots!
你好!你吃了吗? 我还没。我很饿。。
I like Doritos . Doritos are yummy . I buy Doritos in the store. I don't like cool ranch Doritos . Doritos are not healthy.
pray to meow god
Este nuevo año prometo no hacerme pipí dentro de casa.
Cine-i acolo ? Grrrr Tu atat de mica,cum de strigi asa de tare ?! se mania el ... E sunt,broasca testoasa Si cu laba,o strivi dintr-o lovitra .....
¡No puedo más de este andaluz! ¡Quiero que se vaya a casa y que el no pueda ver a mi hija! Disculpe, no puedes vivir en Andalucia porque odio el calor me gusta el flamenco, el jamon y la equitación. Podemos ir ahí fuera en vacaciones ¿Puedes moverte en ANdalucia en mi casa? Porque no puedo más de esta relación remota.
Oh I am so pretty!!!! Ähhhhh NO
Where the hell did I put the keys!
Não adianta! Mesmo sendo verdade, o Flávio Bolsonaro não vai assumir que faz parte do esquema e que até a primeira dama está toda cagada!
Al fin en paz... ¿Donde estoy? ¡Sonríe! Que pesado... ¡El sombrero! ¿Por que me he puesto esto? ¡patata! Mira tócalo... Me duelen los pies... Vamos, que me molesta el sol.
patinar es volar, persigue tus sueños.
porfi llevame al cine!!!!
mmm...mmmm... He's the best! Permettez-moi de signaler, camarade! Was kann ich über den North Stream sagen?
cozza lo dici a tua sorella!
yawn is it bed time yet yawnnnnnnnnnnnn
dit verstoppertje spelen is best wel leuk!
ha toda velocidad¡¡¡¡'
what you look'in at?