come on ... i paid $1000 for this haircut ...
really no idea what he is talking about ... whatever ... hmmm... cake ...
whatever ... just keep smiling ...
Ohh, Naruto... You've grown so much! I remember when you were younger, your cock would just barely make it into my puss- OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! YOU'RE HITTING MY STOFTEST SPOT AT JUST THE RIGHT ANGLES *MOANING*!!!
I knew I trained a good little cum-slut! Argh, I'm cumming!!! Yes, daddy! Keep fucking me, and cum deeep inside me, just like yesterday! I will always be your little personal slut!
I really don't want to finish this mission, Yūgao... But I gotta admit... Your pussy is fucking amazing. I AM SO FUCKING CLOSE TO HAVING AN AMAZING ORGASM!!! YOU BETTER FUCKING FINISH!!! *Ahegao*
Ahh fuck my big ass like that, Kiba! Ohh shit, TenTen! You're much better than Hana!
Zombie dick is soo fucking goood!.. I'm cumming!!!
Dear God,
Ciao a tutti!
زوملالبتبتاتت ا ابلا ابفلتاترجاء
The hipster beard is not in fashion anymore ?!?!
Come on boys, it's all free!
yawn is it bed time yet yawnnnnnnnnnnnn
Me nan's going to be so proud - I'm going into the jungle!
I like Doritos . Doritos are yummy . I buy Doritos in the store. I don't like cool ranch Doritos . Doritos are not healthy.
Ma siamo proprio sicuri che oggi sia il primo giorno di scuola?! Si, dai prof. che sei in ritardo!!! io ho tanto sonnooooooo...
Un'ora di fila per ritirare la pergamena di laurea... dal salumiere ci metteva meno e mangiava di più!
Al fin en paz... ¿Donde estoy? ¡Sonríe! Que pesado... ¡El sombrero! ¿Por que me he puesto esto? ¡patata! Mira tócalo... Me duelen los pies... Vamos, que me molesta el sol.
My thumb hurts
Cine-i acolo ? Grrrr Tu atat de mica,cum de strigi asa de tare ?! se mania el ... E sunt,broasca testoasa Si cu laba,o strivi dintr-o lovitra .....
dear god please give me some fish nuggets
你好!你吃了吗? 我还没。我很饿。。
just keep smiling....
Are you kidding its not Bootiful its beatiful Look at the sky its...Bootiful
patinar es volar, persigue tus sueños.
ha toda velocidad¡¡¡¡'
Buon lavoro a tutti!
Erick, c'est peut- être toi?
porfi llevame al cine!!!!
y love pink
me llamo emma ross y esta es mi familia.
Ne Paradoxlar sevdim!zaten yoktular
Where's the mouse?
החלב האחרון שאלכת היה של פרה מההההההההה
un peu de trampoline c'est bon pour la digestion!!! Youpi Noham on peu de reposer un peu...
i love barsa.