Hallo ik ben Mc Donald Trump.
¿ Poded ayudemos y dad dinero a una organización de conservation para aseguremos que no se lleve a cabo caza o explotación ilegal en los bosques u para ayudemos a nos desaparecer?
this feels right
OMG laat me slapen
kiekeboe ze ziet me toch niet hahaha ge ziet me niet
im so coool
May I haz a atomic power plant?
le Monakatta meauw
Use eductional apps
Jeg er et hardkokt egg jeg blir ikke knust
Ich spreche laut und deutlich
Ciao a tutti!
hey there did you forgot me its me tim tim i am going to africa and i can slepp 100 time there.would you like to take my it is so beatiful.
I 'm hungry Please give me food :)
guten abend! Words in Germany guten Tag guten Morgen Gute Nacht Hallo!
Can I have some milk please?!
Illustrate through multiple media- provides a visual chart with descriptions Perception- student work is shown on display to helps customize the information around the classroom Language & Symbols- These different math manipulatives represent material in multiple different ways ( illustrating through multiple media) Importance of captions- The video that the students are viewing has captions available to help students who have auditory issues Clarifying Vocabulary- Important academic vocabulary words are posted on the wall with a visual image connecting the term, this allows students to refer to these posters as references
i wish i have a full bowl of crackers
Hello, thank you for contacting Amazon. My name is Dora, how can I help you today? Hello I am Pepe and I would like to know where my package is, it appears delivered, but it has not arrived at my house. Pepe, I am sorry to hear that you did not receive your order, please allow me a moment and I will check the tracking information. Thank you, here I wait
HI Paula my name is Susana I get an email indicating that they returner the money, but I do not see it in my account. welcome to Amazon, speak Paula tell me how can i help? can you tell me what´s going on? Of course!! Please confirm the last four said of the order Yes, it is the number forthy- three, twenty-two perfect, i found it It happens that the returner has been made today at 16:00 hours For this reason you will see it from five to seventy days in your account Very good, thanks Susana tell me I can help you in something else? No, it's all thanks for the help. Say Hi It was a pleasure helping you, have a nice day >-<
canada ottawa because i like food rusia moscu for the landscapes brasil brasilia to learn to play soccer peru lima For the food china pekin to see all the technology there is australioa chanberra for the animals india Nueva Delhi to see the culture argentina buenos aires for the food and economy usa Washington D. C. for the food and shop greenland nuuk to see the landscapes and because of the cold
Who ate my Sandwich!?
que ondaa!
Mom Dad why dont we move to a new habitat in African forest? Why not Tim tim. Its a good idea. Ok then lets put an advertisement on Animal social media. “Habitat for Sale A wide, open space with a lot of grass. This hot, dry home is perfect for animals to roam. Don’t worry, there aren’t any lion or tigers” wow now soon we will move to a new habitat and i will have new friends Hello Timtim and family.I am Bombie. I am intrested in your habitat. It looks amazing and it is very green. wow there is lots of grass to eat and i will make lots of new friends here. Hello elephant family I am Gizelle the Giraffe. I saw your add and quite loved the description you gave. Dad can we shift here soon? i loved it in here and want to make new friends here. It will be fun. Yes sure dear. lets discuss it with elephant and family omg! This habitat is so big and much more green. There are lots of new kinds of friends to make mom. I will learn new things here. Finally Timtim we moved to your favourite habitat in the forest of Africa. I hope our old Indian habitat is loved by Giraffe and Dear Family.They both are sharing it and hope they live happily ever after.
¿Follamos? uf, eres monotrema, ¿eh?
So many tech tools, so little time!!
Don't move a mussel
Heb ik iets aan van jou of zo?
zooming in the sky like a rocket
i must pupsen
Be kind and stop bulling
Hey its me timtim seen a long day before and this my small familly papa lets go to india forest please Before we go we should sell our house Hi mr bear and mr rabit you can take this house ther are no tiger or lion of coure you can it is a big house that's a great idea dear wow i will have this house Papa are we there i want play with other elphant yes we are ther look papa there iss tow more elphants like us can we play with them.yah yes my sweatheart
My thumb hurts
rEGARDEz-MOI ! cheveux coupée et costumée,je suis une femme libre et TOI? .