Não adianta! Mesmo sendo verdade, o Flávio Bolsonaro não vai assumir que faz parte do esquema e que até a primeira dama está toda cagada!
I am a Blind Salamander. I am highly adapted to live in an underground environment.
I am a Giant Cave weta. My name means 'The God Of Ugly Things'!
mmm...mmmm... He's the best! Permettez-moi de signaler, camarade! Was kann ich über den North Stream sagen?
When I said "nuke the Russian" I meant put the chicken kiev in the OVEN!!!
One day son, all of this will be theirs.
im so coool
pray to meow god
women's suffrage leader Anthony's impact reflects in the 19th amendment. 1. voted illegally at the 1872 presidential election. 2. Met with President Roosevelt to lobby for an amendment that would give women the right to vote. 3. Founded the National Woman Suffrage Association.
witch one of ya'll ate meh spaghetti
this is a $10000 suit and tie do u like it more like $10
Was among the most effective and influential leaders in the civil rights movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Founded the Niagara Movement and helped organize a Pan-African Conference in France. Was a women’s suffrage activist and Was the first African American to achieve a PhD. at Harvard.
she is not obeying me. she'slying to us.
Ma statt a cas a fa l' pulpett !!!
ce la possiamo fare...
cozza lo dici a tua sorella!
what if I muck up I,ll go with the flow what If I puke
Chi vo nu poc i cocco??
Ich spreche laut und deutlich
Oh she is so pretty!!! Oh my good... he is so stupid
Haaalt stop!!!! Es ist Obst im Haus!! Hochnäsige Zicke!
Hi! That´s my double! OMG my double is so ugly!
I just farted and now I am alone....
Oh I am so pretty!!!! Ähhhhh NO
Who ate my Sandwich!?
people thats a importen information....I MUST PUPSEN
Guys, I must pupsen!!!!!!
i must pupsen
Can I have some milk please?!
DEar god Can I have food please!!?
Ora subito al voto e ti levi dalle palle che comando io Non ci pensare, ho già pronta una deroga al vincolo del doppio mandato per continuare a fare il parlamentare...pensi davvero che torni a fare il bibitaro al San Paolo?
estoy triste
hola chicos que me están viendo,¿que tal? ¡madre mía!, creo que estoy perdiendo la cabeza
Whispering hates you!
Oh dear! you cannot reach this one without getting up! Kermit is on red permanently!
what you look'in at?