It´s gray and white North africa and the middle east Cats can eat fish, beef, chicken or pork. Black-legged cat. independent, clean, quiet and beautiful
Today is Sunday, I am in Rioacha, the beautiful guajira, this place is wonderful This is a photo with my son, enjoying the sea and the sand This is a photo where I am with my husband, we are on the beach and we are happy to come to know the landscape of La Guajira in Colombia.
Hola María, ¿Cómo te ha ido el confinamiento? A mí me ha ido bien. Me ha ido estupendamente. Con la mascarilla y todo eso, ya sabes. A mí no me gusta llevar mascarilla, pero bueno, no me quiero contagiar. Bueno, adiós que me tengo que ir a hacer un recado. Vale, adiós
Como te va la cuarentena tío Bueno bien quillo ¡Oye Jesús ¡ ¡Que quieres Gonzalo¡ oye que has hecho este fin de semana Madre mía que pesado siempre dice lo mismo Callaos ya un rato pesaos
Sorry Sir, you are in the wrong aisle, 'wankers' is on the next floor
We are the champions !!
ohh my god! summer is finally here. we will have more mouses and linches to eat but we have to take advantage because these 10°c is only for 2 month.
¡¡¡SOCORRO!!! ¡Ni se te ocurra llamar a la policía! Nos tienes que esconder en tu casa ¡¡AHORA!!
Noi animali siamo esseri viventi e proviamo sentimenti come te!
comment vas tu?
Jetzt habe ich Unterricht mit Herr Schwender
vi piace l'acqua da qua sù? si no, io ritorno a casa
where we all want to go after the corona
Noodles. I want noodles
Don't move a mussel
Hi, I am a Sumatran tiger. I eat a meat. I live on the Indonesian island Sumatra. I like to live in the jungle because I am inconspicuous in it. I'm a critically endangered species of tiger.
y love you y miss you
Maestà, la Carrozza Gialla dei rifornimenti arriverà solo tra qualche giorno... Il mio Cocò non può aspettare. Vi ordino di ordinare la pappa per tutti da CIBARIO. Tanto arrivano in cavalleria
hi! my name's claudio i have age thirty one.i job in empresario i'm from the city of russia... i like to exercise and run dislike cocinar my family is made up of children and mi wife. ,my pets are fish... my fovorite things is to sing
Have u seen my friend BIDEN?
What is the official animal of Pi Day? The pi-thon.
Fuck! This guy just tested positive for coronavirus! Yes, Its true... I'll see you in hell Donald. Adeus, estúpida.
mom 1.hi cristian 2.fine thank you,and you? 3.of course cristian,i did eggs with rice 4.ok cristian cristian 1.hi mom are you feeling today? 3.good mom,mom you did me breakfast? 4.ok mom,i will take a shower cristian usually wake up at 7 or 8 in the morning. cristian doesnt have an alarm,because he makes own schedule,cristian eats eggs with rice and fruit cristian talks with the mom and cristian goes with the mom a park cristian 1.hi bro 2.squats,chets pushups and weight 3. bro ,has you a weight 14 kilograms? 4.we train from 2pm to 3pm,remember that henry 1.hi bro 2.bro,what are exercises from today? bro 4.cristian what time do we training? 5.ok cristian Henry is my friend and my brother Henry has a beautiful personality,he express your ideologies Henry likes the sports and gym He doesn’t have a money for the gym,but train in my house At around 2 o’clock I leave the house and go home for lunch and train with my friend. I usually cook something easy and high in protein. I train with my friend henry,we train arms and legs. We don’t have weight,but we do chets pushups he likes to listen to many types of music in his spare time. He is passionate about what he does and knows. He has a defect and he doesn’t like to be interrupted. Cristian is very crazy, because he doesn’t think the others He thinks things that aren’t for society. He likes to study quantum mechanics and the mysteries of the cosmos. he reads books on philosophy and physics as history of time what time does he study? He study from 4 pm to 8 pm father 1.good nigth 1.ok good nigth He doesn’t usually sleep from reading the characteristics of physics He sleeps after reading what he likes
Hello my name is wendy, this is my life sharing with my family As a child I dreamed of knowing the Disney castle, now I know it because 5 years ago for the first time I left the country and was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life because I shared with my family Besides knowing different cultures and places, I like to share my time with my family, spending pleasant moments is what makes me happy Since I was a child I was instilled with a love for nature, that's why every time we travel somewhere we love to enjoy it Every moment with them is unique, it's wonderful, my life can be summed up in happiness
Why did Lexie cross the road? She had heard about the chimkin!
I have always liked nature and recently I had the opportunity to participate in a birdwatching in the reserve of the aguadora here in Bogota. We had to leave very early to see the birds and endure the cold that was a great obstacle during the tour. We used Binoculars, a very large lens and other instruments to see some of the birds and during the tour we could hear the song and the calls of the birds. One of the things I liked most about the tour was that my friends and I were able to see other places in the city and we could see many incredible things that are in nature and that we did not know. It was an incredible experience and I also learned a lot because I didn't know that there were so many species of birds and that many of them are only seen here in the city or its surroundings.
Faszinierend, dass Facebook so blöd war mir das zuzuschicken
Man stimmt den Datenschutzbestimmungen Doch selbst zu
Will you be supporting the Jewish race, Boris? Of course... what time's it on?
Conversion rates, Conversion rates, conversion rates!
Can you play Duelling Banjos?
Has he bloody well gone yet!
MORON! You go to Canada in big silver bird?
Your Uncle Andrew is getting too much attention. Create a distraction. Got it, Nan
It's ok Boris, no need to rush back, I'm in charge!
We saved BIG $$$$ with Freedom Realty!!