Olvidaos de las cámaras, ¿eh? Sí, mochilo, sí…
What's up Mark? Nothing much Carl. Just sitting around...
Di jab main bada hounga, main bahot smart banunga tu sirf bada ho, smart main already hu
Ma siamo proprio sicuri che oggi sia il primo giorno di scuola?! Si, dai prof. che sei in ritardo!!! ...ma io ho tanto sonnooooooo...
Un'ora di fila per ritirare la pergamena di laurea... dal salumiere ci metteva meno e mangiava di più!
زوملالبتبتاتت ا ابلا ابفلتاترجاء
just keep smiling....
Are you kidding its not Bootiful its beatiful Look at the sky its...Bootiful
I like Doritos . Doritos are yummy . I buy Doritos in the store. I don't like cool ranch Doritos . Doritos are not healthy.
Where's the mouse?
Je suis Guillaume musso j'ai publié plus de 10 livre je suis né le 6 juin 1974 trois filmes on était fait après mes livres j'ai vendu plus de 1 750 000 exemplaires en 2015 je suis le romancier français les plus vendu cinq années consécutivement
wee this is fun i need some jake paul murch get in here tibles
yawn is it bed time yet yawnnnnnnnnnnnn
dear god please give me some fish nuggets
meat bark bark (im just loving the ride) get your head in the windo piccles
Mr. President, you'll have a new TAX REFORM BILL on your desk by the END OF THE YEAR! Good! By then, I'll be signing it...
Буду 100 идей на аэродроме проводить
I'm working in New York How cool! She is studying English.
mira que bonic si es preciós
I`m hungry I'm sleepy I gotta poop!!!!!
Erick, c'est peut- être toi?
Try not to stare at her boobs. Just keep sitting here looking gross
OMG Abi I think I've just seen Charlotte Dujardin!
你好!你吃了吗? 我还没。我很饿。。
y love pink
Tra poco ricomincia la scuola!
where did Putin go?
It's ok for me, take care! Hi mum, I'm going to take a walk!
We Can Do It!
This bed doesn't look very comfortable.
so, what was your name again?
I believe there is only one race-the human race
Jesus is good to the last drop It's a tea-riffic day to praise the Lord My cup runneth over
esto causa un daño muy grande al medio ambiente el agua utilizada para el fracking es depositada en los mares,rios y lagunas
La cago este weon Sra Bachelet pase para que me cense Que suerte , la casa que me toco
tumi chinsurah cheno??? chinbona keno?chuchura to ? ARNAB er bari. HE IS MY FAN
Hi, i was Elvin Presley and I was a singer. I was born the 8 Jnauary 1935
Cine-i acolo ? Grrrr Tu atat de mica,cum de strigi asa de tare ?! se mania el ... E sunt,broasca testoasa Si cu laba,o strivi dintr-o lovitra .....
It feels so nice just resting here...