cuando peienso que estudio en línea hasta el final del año escolar, pero ahora está sentado en un aula con un sello en la muñeca.
1x um 12.00
Happy Thanksgiving! Really Motherfuckah!?
zooming in the sky like a rocket
i'm the best president ever no you are not
Hola, mi nombre es annyllela y en esta foto es mi familia, A mi me gusta mucho mi familia reunida.
No more joe biden
Can they take this off me for failing Sarah Everard?
fine oi gabe, lets use that
Me gusta el Rojo
que poca cosa
I suck your d*ck for some crack
Sie verwechselt mich mit einer Muschel! Meine Muschel sieht irgendwie anders aus.
Timtim I am selling this Indian forest, because I am going to a African forest. Giraffe What if we all give little little money and make 1000000. Zebra How much does it cost. That's alright.
#!! ?@! !?# ! Oh boy, oh boy!
there is no peace in this world. i want everything you guys have. you can't do that never Okay sir as you wish ...
Have you seen my ventriloquist act? Gottle o' geer
your clothing is so magnificent thank you yours is interesting
what is this what are those clothes who are these people
HEy! did you take the Folklore magazine survey? for the 100th time Gord, YES just checking!
su nombre verdadero es _; Pedro Martin Jose Maria Vertiz Alva nació el 13 de Febrero en el año 1969 ,en el distrito de Bellavista Callao es un músico, cantante, compositor, productor y escritor peruano. El cantante comenzó a perder la voz en el 2008. Después se le diagnóstico el síndrome neuromuscular bulbar por lo que tuvo que dejar de cantar inmediatamente
A jakou měly ty kabelky barvu?
Che disastro questi umani!!!
Whoops wrong room?
Slow down! He's still on our trail! Huh...Huh, when will they stop? Who is this?! I'm the Wolverine! He caught up! He caught up to us Finally Agh, that's a bright light Agh, that's a bright light He's caught up to us! It's a portal! Aghhhhhhhhh! Doctor Strange? Wolverine, I need you to come with me Wolverine, I need you to come with me
People again. There was silence without them.
Amore è... quando ti guardano con gli occhi fissi nei tuoi.
i wish i have a full bowl of crackers
Can you stop filming me for a while, there's a very attractive lady walking this way and I want to grab her snatch!
rEGARDEz-MOI ! cheveux coupée et costumée,je suis une femme libre et TOI? .
hey hooman! where's the food at?
viva españa! El dandy de barcelona que por donde pasa enamora
Ich bin sehr müde... Meine Chefin möchtet, dass ich das Projekt bis morgen ergänze Meine Kollegen sprechen so laut! Ich kann nicht konzentrieren Ich weiß nicht, was ich machen muss. Der Arbeiter, der das Project gemacht hat, hat verließ
joe, ik ben Bas.
¿Follamos? uf, eres monotrema, ¿eh?
I am Riya the Riyasaraunicorn play my game because you are going to be my fan and also you will get to play with me and talk to me
Wtf is this