Not my Superman Not my Superman That's my Superman
You might be pregnant. A baby? Potentially. Your baby? Yes. Who else's would it be?
Garage sale, Saturday cuz 338 Meadow Glen Drive, Bear, DE, 19701 Time: 10 AM If I get bored I'm going inside and playing the game, you are welcome to join new one piece ate down this week ngl
It was a breeze
Beast Boy's baby better not transform into any crazy animals when I give birth.
Look at the fucking state of him!
I eat my owner pillow's and now I'm in a pickle...
❤ These duck feet smell sooooo stinky i love it hehehehe I bet bro i bet they smell very nice though hehe tickle,tickle,tickle! Hehehehahahahaha stohahahahahop thatahahahahat it tickles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣
Panowie, mam nadzieje, ze macie wszystko ugadane i w piatek pijemy Z moja to klasyk, jak przywioze jej kebsa, to bedzie luz Nie no, moja to mnie zajebie
AUUGHH!!! AHHHH!! IT HURTS!! DICK, I'M SCARED!! You can do this, Rachel. Just keep pushing.
meow , purrs, hisses, and growls,
mais j'suis ou encore??? j'ai atterri dans un bateau ?! tout ça me semble pas si réel... tiens une île.. MAIS YA DES GENS ?!! oulaaa ils me semblent pas si accueillants, c'est une secte ou un truc du genre?? AHHHH, wesshhh?!! Ils nous attaquent ces imbéciles! MA VIE EST FOUTUE!!!! ARRGGHH... CE N'était Qu'un rêve?? MAIS C'EST QUOI CETTE POSITION!!!!????
Hallo, ich bin Antonio, Ich esse Bananen und ich bin ein Radiologe-Techniker (MTRA). Ich lebe in Bäumen und ich komme aus Italien. ich spreche Affenisch, Italienisch und ein wenig Englisch. Aber ich lerne Deutsch.
Estudio español porque tengo la intención de vivir en España, viajar a países hispanos, por trabajo.
just transition!? what are you guys talking about? c'mon Alberta! you're embarrassing me in front of my cool friends! hey canada, by how much are you going to reduce your emissions? yeah canada, what's tHE HOLD UP?
ik ben Anna en dit is mijn lievelings dier en mijn lievelings ras
hoi ik ben nelle. ik hou van shoppen met mijn tante.
We need to dig this hole for the bonfire Brother I'm going to check the cattle
Whoa! Vi! You're umm... You act like you've never seen a pregnant woman before, Cupcake. You're...
Aye, aye - what's goin' on here, then?
Trifon Zarezan ili sv.Valentin? Vajnoto e da sme jivi i zdravi! Hajde da slizame, che shte izpusnem HappyHour-a!!!
Oh i broke something definitely god it hurts thump clic thud Definitely broke a rib felt god this is going to be tough to learn.
Absolutely not!!! Can't we just Accio the baby? This hurts! I want it out now!!
I can't understand anything. What are they talking about? "All Greek to me" Hallo. Guten Morgen, wie geht es dir? Bonjour. Bien et toi? Buna dimineata. O zi minunata. Mă simt atât de bine.
It looks like you're going to have a baby. Yeah, no shit.
Vamos a corregir los deberes Jannat enseñame tus respuestas 200+300=600 NO,esta mal son 500 Da igual pero si quieres te enseño
¿ Poded ayudemos y dad dinero a una organización de conservation para aseguremos que no se lleve a cabo caza o explotación ilegal en los bosques u para ayudemos a nos desaparecer?
this feels right
Hallo ik ben Mc Donald Trump.
OMG laat me slapen
kiekeboe ze ziet me toch niet hahaha ge ziet me niet
Illustrate through multiple media- provides a visual chart with descriptions Perception- student work is shown on display to helps customize the information around the classroom Language & Symbols- These different math manipulatives represent material in multiple different ways ( illustrating through multiple media) Importance of captions- The video that the students are viewing has captions available to help students who have auditory issues Clarifying Vocabulary- Important academic vocabulary words are posted on the wall with a visual image connecting the term, this allows students to refer to these posters as references
Hello, thank you for contacting Amazon. My name is Dora, how can I help you today? Hello I am Pepe and I would like to know where my package is, it appears delivered, but it has not arrived at my house. Pepe, I am sorry to hear that you did not receive your order, please allow me a moment and I will check the tracking information. Thank you, here I wait
HI Paula my name is Susana I get an email indicating that they returner the money, but I do not see it in my account. welcome to Amazon, speak Paula tell me how can i help? can you tell me what´s going on? Of course!! Please confirm the last four said of the order Yes, it is the number forthy- three, twenty-two perfect, i found it It happens that the returner has been made today at 16:00 hours For this reason you will see it from five to seventy days in your account Very good, thanks Susana tell me I can help you in something else? No, it's all thanks for the help. Say Hi It was a pleasure helping you, have a nice day >-<