Unity! Our Mail-in president
DIN KLOVN sier du haha
For en kjedelig dag enig? Nei! Mange klapper meg og det er godt! Okay shil
Jeg er et hardkokt egg jeg blir ikke knust
Det e så deilig her på sommeren DET E VINTER!!!!!
After my glorious Brexit victory, I shall celebrate by shagging my delightful lady! Which one would that be then!
one milion $ to mud oh no oh no oh no no no no no
I 'm hungry Please give me food :)
Hey, ich bin der älteste Schläger, aber der stärkste Ich bin die jüngste und schwächste Schlägerkatze Ich bin die beste Meme-Katze Hallo, ich bin die epischste und schlägerigste bekannte Katze. Komm schon, Katzenbande, lass uns die Bank ausrauben!
cariño te voy a hacer una pregunta Dim me prometes que no vas a estar con nadie mas que yo no vas a mirar a nadie mas que yo y querer a nadie que no sea yo. perdona? lo sabia es un "puto" controlador de "mierda" Júramelo por favor Mira primero yo soy libre de hacer lo que quieras, no me parece bien que hables de esa manera conmigo.""vete a la mierda"" hombre. jajjajajaajkjjajajjaj
¿Puedo hacerte una pregunta?' eehh... depende claro, claro ¿Qué estilo de vestidos te deja poner tu marido? te voy a pegar una host** que te quedas tonto. Hola?? las mujeres no dependemos de nadie de nadie Gracias a dios que mi familia no es como tú. De la prehistoria Uy pues es verdad mie***
Las cantantes como tu solo atraen visitas por su físico Que asco me da, pero le sonreire Y a prentadores como tu solo los ven para reirse un poco de ellos y de las esatupideces que dicen Me acaba de humillar en público :( Por soreteh glipollas :)
Llevo gafas porque en el futuro quiero ser el primer perro-piloto de la historia
Well...now Sleepy Joe is your president
wowww crazyy
May I haz a atomic power plant?
One small margin in one state, one giant leap for all Democrats
Elections in 2016 where much more fun
I will leave the country if I loose to Biden! So bye then!
Iza czekam na Ciebie:)
hello my name is sara romero i am eighteen years old my favorite sport is playing basketball i like spending time with my friends and my favorite food is meat and pasta, i like to walk and jod
Isali nyo ako sa GC yan, turuan ko yang hayop na yan Pwede daw maging breaker basta +15 yung Breath holder's Armor
Wer bringt Getraenke zum Konzert? Es ist verboten! Es ist beschämend... Ich kann Ihre Getraenke nehmen. Ohh... shade. Wohoo! Viel spass! Fantastisch!! Oh no... mein Buch ist kaputt.
Be kind and stop bulling
I'm tired
There's no point trying to explain it to him, he just doesn't understand It's like talking to a brick wall!
Poučevanje preko računalnika... to pa ne bo šlo, miši maram samo žive.
guten abend! Words in Germany guten Tag guten Morgen Gute Nacht Hallo!
Now?!?! I laugh too? How long does this picture last? I can't stay in this position for long!!! I seem to see a blank sheet of paper And let's laugh! How I've been reduced!!! my mother used to tell me: go to medical school, my son, otherwise you'll regret it!
Mom Dad why dont we move to a new habitat in African forest? Why not Tim tim. Its a good idea. Ok then lets put an advertisement on Animal social media. “Habitat for Sale A wide, open space with a lot of grass. This hot, dry home is perfect for animals to roam. Don’t worry, there aren’t any lion or tigers” wow now soon we will move to a new habitat and i will have new friends Hello Timtim and family.I am Bombie. I am intrested in your habitat. It looks amazing and it is very green. wow there is lots of grass to eat and i will make lots of new friends here. Hello elephant family I am Gizelle the Giraffe. I saw your add and quite loved the description you gave. Dad can we shift here soon? i loved it in here and want to make new friends here. It will be fun. Yes sure dear. lets discuss it with elephant and family omg! This habitat is so big and much more green. There are lots of new kinds of friends to make mom. I will learn new things here. Finally Timtim we moved to your favourite habitat in the forest of Africa. I hope our old Indian habitat is loved by Giraffe and Dear Family.They both are sharing it and hope they live happily ever after.
Hey its me timtim seen a long day before and this my small familly papa lets go to india forest please Before we go we should sell our house Hi mr bear and mr rabit you can take this house ther are no tiger or lion of coure you can it is a big house that's a great idea dear wow i will have this house Papa are we there i want play with other elphant yes we are ther look papa there iss tow more elphants like us can we play with them.yah yes my sweatheart
Nous avons les bouteille d'eau Nous sommes plastique Moitié de nous sommes transparent et l'autre Moitié est bleu Nous sommes recycable! Jamais jeter nous dans la poubeille.
In viaggio insieme al mio padrone, non chiedo altro!!!
In one have some bacon Hello I’m hungry feed me 😾😾
hi how are you and my name is grandpa max are you ready to save the world hi i am kevin i am to sleepy. hi i am ben i am experot to save the world with my watch that make me any thing. Hi am gwen a very clever
hey there did you forgot me its me tim tim i am going to africa and i can slepp 100 time there.would you like to take my it is so beatiful.
Why? Why? a lot of homework