I`m hungry I'm sleepy I gotta poop!!!!!
Erick, c'est peut- être toi?
Try not to stare at her boobs. Just keep sitting here looking gross
OMG Abi I think I've just seen Charlotte Dujardin!
你好!你吃了吗? 我还没。我很饿。。
y love pink
Tra poco ricomincia la scuola!
where did Putin go?
It's ok for me, take care! Hi mum, I'm going to take a walk!
We Can Do It!
This bed doesn't look very comfortable.
so, what was your name again?
I believe there is only one race-the human race
Jesus is good to the last drop It's a tea-riffic day to praise the Lord My cup runneth over
esto causa un daño muy grande al medio ambiente el agua utilizada para el fracking es depositada en los mares,rios y lagunas
La cago este weon Sra Bachelet pase para que me cense Que suerte , la casa que me toco
tumi chinsurah cheno??? chinbona keno?chuchura to ? ARNAB er bari. HE IS MY FAN
Hi, i was Elvin Presley and I was a singer. I was born the 8 Jnauary 1935
Cine-i acolo ? Grrrr Tu atat de mica,cum de strigi asa de tare ?! se mania el ... E sunt,broasca testoasa Si cu laba,o strivi dintr-o lovitra .....
It feels so nice just resting here...
cibo spazzatura
Miao! Ciao!
Il porte un t-shirt qui est ecrit sur lui que c'est faux Il crie que c'est Faux Il est un homme qui a des yeux verts Il a des cheveux qui sont boucles
By the way, He has a moustache ohh.. Good heavens ! Look at her! i`d like to give her a call. It`s a man, Joey Well then, You can never tell. Love is blind, you know.
החלב האחרון שאלכת היה של פרה מההההההההה
Now My Troubles Are Going To Have Troubles With Me! I Need To Fix Somebody's Problems! I Better Get Going!
Let's have fun today!
Come mai non avete demolito quel muro di ignoranza?!
I´m friendly. I´m cheerful. I´m funny. I´m confident. What do you think?
Ciao a tutti sono la maestra Anna
you're off to great places! today is your day!your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! I think it means we do great things. so instead of sitting on the couch watching TV. go outside and play.
It's opener there in the wide open air I don't know what it means all i know is that Dr.Suess said it
it's better to know how to learn than to know it means that it's better to learn than to know everything