mom 1.hi cristian 2.fine thank you,and you? 3.of course cris... |
mom 1.hi cristian 2.fine thank you,and you? 3.of course cristian,i did eggs with...

cristian 1.hi mom are you feeling today? 3.good mom,mom you did me breakfast? 4.ok mom,i will take a shower

cristian usually wake up at 7 or 8 in the morning. cristian doesnt have an alarm,because he makes own schedule,cristian eats eggs with rice and fruit cristian talks with the mom and cristian goes with the mom a park

cristian 1.hi bro 2.squats,chets pushups and weight 3. bro ,has you a weight 14 kilograms? 4.we train from 2pm to 3pm,remember that

henry 1.hi bro 2.bro,what are exercises from today? bro 4.cristian what time do we training? 5.ok cristian

Henry is my friend and my brother Henry has a beautiful personality,he express your ideologies Henry likes the sports and gym He doesn’t have a money for the gym,but train in my house

At around 2 o’clock I leave the house and go home for lunch and train with my friend. I usually cook something easy and high in protein. I train with my friend henry,we train arms and legs. We don’t have weight,but we do chets pushups

he likes to listen to many types of music in his spare time. He is passionate about what he does and knows. He has a defect and he doesn’t like to be interrupted.

Cristian is very crazy, because he doesn’t think the others He thinks things that aren’t for society. He likes to study quantum mechanics and the mysteries of the cosmos. he reads books on philosophy and physics as history of time what time does he study? He study from 4 pm to 8 pm

father 1.good nigth

1.ok good nigth

He doesn’t usually sleep from reading the characteristics of physics He sleeps after reading what he likes

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